Past PANBC Conferences

2018 – “Annual PANBC Education Day & AGM 2018”


Presenter Title DOWNLOAD LINK
Dr. Kurt Samer, MD FRCP Anesthesia  “Professionalism, where have you gone?” Download
Dr. Barry Thornloe, BSN FRCP MD Anesthesia “Obstetric Anesthesia: Update on Preeclampsia and Uretotonic usage in Canada” Download
Dr. Victor Leung, MD FRCP Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology “Why are penicillin allergies harder to remove than tattoos? Understanding the importance of penicillin allergy de-labeling” Download
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Dr. Su-Yin MacDonell, BSN MD FRCPC Anesthesia Troponin isn’t just for chest pain: MINS monitoring Download
Dr. Krista Genoway, MD Plastic Surgery Transgender Surgery N/A
Colleen Stewart, MSW Indigenous Specialization Aboriginal Patient Navigation for Health Care Workers N/A
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2017 – “Annual PANBC Education Day & AGM 2017”

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Presenter Title DOWNLOAD LINK
Lauren Goldman, RN(c) “Gender Affirming Approaches for Transgender Care” N/A
Dr. Richard Merchant, MD Anesthesia “Poikilothermia” Download
Jim Murphy “The Patient Experience” Download
Detective Constable Tara Munro, VPD “The Fentanyl Crisis” Download


Dr. Kurt Samer, MD Anesthesia “Flying by the Seat of Your Pants” N/A
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2016 – “Connecting our Roads to Surgical Recovery”

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Presenter Title DOWNLOAD LINK
Dr. Jacqueline Hudson, MD Anesthesia Challenges in Postoperative Pain Control in Acute/Chronic Pain Patients N/A
Lib Cooper, RN The Patient Journey Through the Cancer Care Journey Download
Dr. Jason Wilson, MD Anesthesia Regional Anesthesia – Clinical Review and Update Download
Dr. Steven Petrar, MD Anesthesia Perioperative Smoking Cessation, Let’s Seize the Teachable Moment! Download
Rhonda Winter, RN Connecting Our Roads to Recovery… Unusual Pathways N/A
Jennifer Nagel, MA, RCC Caregiver Resiliency and Satir’s Iceberg Metaphor Download
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2015 – “Inspire Excellence – It Starts With Us”
Presenter Title DOWNLOAD LINK
Dr. Gooderham MD, FRSCSC Clipping vs Coiling N/A
Camille Ciarniello BSN, LLB Legalities in Charting: Are you covered Download
Dr. Holmes PeriAnesthesia Emergencies: Is ACLS the Right Stuff? N/A
Mary Spencer RN, MSN, CNS PEWS: Your Piece of the Puzzle Download
Carol Rocker PHD Nurses Hurting Nurses N/A
Dr. S Louie BSc Pharm Rejuvenation from Within  Download
2014 – “Planting the Seeds of Our Future”
Presenter Title DOWNLOAD LINK
Dr. P. Swart The A to Zzzzz’s of Sleep Apnea Download
Dr. R. Merchant, MD FRCPC ERAS: Remembering the past and looking to the future Download
Shannon Parsons, RN BSN Knock, Knock, who’s there? Visitation in the PACU Download
2013 – “The Changing Tides of PeriAnesthesia Care”
Presenter Title DOWNLOAD LINK
Sarah Derman, RN MSN CNS Think Multimodal Analgesia Download
Rebecca Brooks and Marlene Weeks Building a Culture of Respect and Safety Download
Dr. Barbara Robertson, MD FRCPC Too Hot to Handle: Malignant Hyperthermia Download
Dr. R. Hewko, MD FRCPC Delirium in the PACU Patient Download
Dr. S. Brar, MD FRCPC Perioperative Hypertension Download
2012 – “Climbing the Mountains of Safe Patient Care”
Presenter Title DOWNLOAD LINK
Dr. J. Sharpe, BSc MD FRCPC Difficult Airways in the PACU Download
Long Term Consequences – Anesthetic Choice/ Management Download
Bruce Kennedy, BSc (Pharm) MBA, CPS T3’s not for me Download
Dr. Kwan Urology Presentation PAR Download
Dr. Ubhi Obstetrical Crisis in the PACU Download
2011 – “Building Blocks in British Columbia”
Presenter Title DOWNLOAD LINK
Dr. Grant, MD Organ Donation After Cardio-Respiratory Death Download
Dr. Burrill, MD Pain Management in Trauma Patients Download
Trudy Robertson Early Rescue: Improving Transitions in Patient Care Download
Dr. B. Lau, MD Obstructive Sleep Apnea Download
2010 – “New Emergence in BC”
Presenter Title DOWNLOAD LINK
Cathy Hanley Capnography in the PACU Download
Kate Martin, CNE STQT Segment Monitoring in PACU’s Download
Kim Kraft, BSN RN CPAN The Road to Certification Download